AsbestosOur specialised services include repair, removal, collection and safe disposal of asbestos in accordance with all current legislation.

The hazard of asbestos cannot be underestimated and the risks from asbestos exposure must be effectively managed to ensure asbestos related deaths do not continue to rise.


The Hidden Dangers
Materials containing asbestos are likely to be found within any property built before the year 2000. It is often found within wall cavities, ceilings, fire insulation, textured coatings, boiler rooms and many other locations. Asbestos could be present within your premises, may have been there for decades, and, as long as it has been properly treated, maintained and is undisturbed, will pose little threat.

However, there is always a risk of damage to the material and release of dangerous asbestos fibres during work on the building or from accidental damage.  As an HSE licensed asbestos removal company, Meta Ltd can provide a fast, efficient and safe solution where asbestos has been identified.